Undercover video claims to show metro-area Planned Parenthood workers giving graphic sex advice

DENVER - The pro-life group Live Action has released heavily edited undercover video it claims was taken at two metro-area Planned Parenthoods showing staffers giving graphic sex advice to women posing as teenagers.

In the edited video, a woman claiming to be 15-years-old tells a staffer at the Littleton Planned Parenthood that she and her boyfriend want to try different kinds of sex, telling a staffer, "He mentioned the book '50 Shades of Grey.'"

The staff member, not identified in the video, tells the girl she's referring to "bondage."

"You just want to be safe. You want to have a 'safe word' because there can be tying up and gagging involved," the staffer says.

7NEWS has not been able to independently verify the released footage or see an unedited copy.

In the footage that was released, the staffer goes on to ask the "teen" if she's been to a sex shop.

"There are tons of sex shops around here," the staffer says IN THE CLIP. "Basically that's where they carry different outfits. Like if you want to role play as a teacher or a nurse."

The worker even encourages watching pornography when the "teen" brings it up in the edited video.

"Yep, and you guys can do that together, you can do that on your own," the staffer says.

Another clip from the Lakewood Planned Parenthood also catches a worker mentioning handcuffs, "pleasure and pain" and safe words.

A Catholic news outlet reports that Colorado Attorney General John Suthers is investigating, but his office would not confirm that to 7NEWS.

Live Action has released two other videos from Planned Parenthoods, one in Oregon one in Indiana, where workers give graphic sex advice to women posing as teens. All four of the videos are heavily edited.

"There's more videos to come," said Live Action founder Lila Rose. "It's an on-going educational campaign."

Rose wouldn't tell 7NEWS how many Planned Parenthoods the group has filmed undercover where nothing inappropriate was found.

"Sadly, at Planned Parenthood, everything can't go fine," she said.

Rose said all Planned Parenthood locations have a dangerous sexual agenda, and should receive no public funds.

"The goal is to strip taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood because it's an organization that's involved in promoting dangerous sexual practices for teens," Rose said.

A lawsuit was filed last month against the Denver Planned Parenthood by a mother who says workers did not question her 13-year-old daughter about how she became pregnant when her abuser brought her to get an abortion. The lawsuit said the clinic failed "to report known or suspected sexual abuse despite numerous indications that the man had sexually abused the girl."

A Planned Parenthood spokesperson told 7NEWS it was working on a statement Tuesday, but said it might not be released until Wednesday.

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