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Uber expands public transit-like 'Express POOL' service to Denver

Posted at 7:20 AM, Feb 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-21 09:20:31-05

DENVER - Ridesharing provider Uber is launching a new service in Denver that will feel familiar to anyone who has ever ridden a city bus. 

Denver is among three U.S. cities that can begin using the 'Express POOL' service on Tuesday. The service launched in San Francisco and Boston last year.

Express POOL works much like a regular Uber ride -- users hail a ride with their phone and a driver picks them up -- but with a little more walking. Instead of the driver meeting riders wherever they are, the app directs users to a designated pickup spot nearby.

Express POOL users share their ride with other people heading in the same direction and the driver drops each person off at a designated spot.

The Uber app then helps riders with walking directions to their final destination.

Uber says that the Express POOL service is significantly cheaper than its other services -- up to 50 percent cheaper than a regular Uber POOL ride and 75 percent cheaper than an Uber X ride.