Two weeks worth of residents' trash piles up in Wheat Ridge

Garbage picked up after 7NEWS began inquiries

You can smell it before you see it.
Neighbors in Wheat Ridge say the pile of garbage near their homes has been growing for the last two weeks, ever since the dumpster that once sat in the spot disappeared.
"It's like living next to the dump. It smells exactly like that," said neighbor Beth Crowe.
"And the flies are vicious," added neighbor Connie Gomez. "It's disgusting. It's a health hazard."
The pile, containing everything from dirty diapers to old food, to mattresses, sits near a four-plex on the 4500  block of Garrison Street. Neighbors said after new management took over the property a month ago, waste management stopped emptying the dumpster and then it was removed.
According to property records, the four-plex is owned by ALS Investments Colorado LLC. 7NEWS was unable to reach anyone from the company Sunday.
The owner of the adjacent four-plex confirms that her residents shared the now-missing dumpster and she paid half for services. She said she has not been able to reach the new management next door to speak about the arrangement.
7NEWS contacted Wheat Ridge code enforcement about the problem, and a few hours later, officers responded.
Neighbors said the management company arrived soon after officers did and started cleaning up the mess. By 5:15 p.m. Sunday, the trash was gone. Neighbors said code enforcement required management to have a dumpster in place by tomorrow.
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