Trash spills out of Thornton mobile home park; residents fed-up with what they call 'negligence'

THORNTON, Colo. - Those living near the Dumpsters at Thornton Estates mobile home park on E. 88th Ave. in Thornton, say the piles of garbage stunk so bad it was starting to attract rats, foxes and raccoons.

Residents say the trash hadn't been picked-up in more than a week, and could be smelled from blocks away.

"It was just disgusting," said Jeff Plendl, whose grandmother has lived here since 1968. "When I was a kid this place was pristine. I've never seen anything like this. It's awful."

The people living in the community say the problem was made worse by the Fourth of July weekend, and the fact that there was more trash than usual.

The issue was well-documented by residents who took photos. Trash was spilling out of Dumpsters onto driveways and streets.

"The situation is that we had trash piled up, pouring out of here, stinking to high Heaven," said resident Paula Rodriguez. "They hadn't picked it up in eight days. It's a big complex, so it's usually picked up three times a week."

On the same day 7NEWS started asking questions, the trash trucks finally showed up. While we were there, a second round of pick-ups happened because there was too much to haul the first time according to residents.

Rodriguez believes the trash company stopped collecting because the park's property management company stopped paying the bill.

"We pay for it every month. So, if we're paying for trash collection, and property management is not paying it, where's our money going?" said Rodriguez.

7NEWS tried repeatedly to reach Thornton Estates management and we were finally told, "no comment."

7NEWS also reached out to Bayshore Home Sales corporate headquarters in Michigan, where a woman there also told us she had no comment.

"The odor, the stench, it's ridiculous," said Rodriguez. "There's no reason for it to be like this."

While a 7NEWS crew was on site, resident, after resident approached us, not only about the trash, but about an apparent culture of negligence and mismanagement.

"If you go in with a concern, he (the manager) turns it into a big deal," said resident Glenna Lindemann. "He starts yelling at you and screaming at you. They definitely take advantage of seniors living on a fixed income."

Lindemann said she bought a mobile home in the community five years ago with her husband.

"When I complained, I was told if I didn't like it here, then I should move," she said.

"It breaks my heart every time I come back and see how this park has fallen into a deplorable state," said Plendl. "I'm a realist. It is negligence. They don't care."

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