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Trailer hitch crashes through windshield on I-25 in Colorado Springs

Posted at 12:17 PM, Aug 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-16 14:17:02-04

A woman said her child was almost injured by a trailer hitch after it smashed through her windshield and flew into the backseat Thursday afternoon in Colorado Springs.

Tristen Ramos shared photos with News5 showing the aftermath of the incident. Her photos show the hitch in the backseat of the truck she was driving along with the hole in the middle of her windshield. Her Facebook post said she normally puts her child's car seat in the middle seat, but she had decided to place it behind the front passenger seat on Thursday, possibly saving the child's life.

"Everything happens for a reason!" Ramos wrote on Facebook. "The one time I put Avery’s car seat on the side by the door and not the middle a trailer hitch comes back and smashes our car. Goes into the back where Avery’s car seat would have been!!! Thank God everyone is okay."

Ramos said it happened sometime between 12:55 p.m. and 1:03 p.m. near the Fillmore exit on I-25. She said she thought the hitch came off the back of a white Ford F-250.

Anyone with information should call Colorado Springs police at 719-444-7000 if they have any information about who the hitch belongs to.