Traffic problems could force the closure of the 88th Avenue Drive-In Theater in Commerce City

COMMERCE CITY, Colo. - Traffic congestion could force the closure of one of the last drive-in theaters in the Denver Metro Area.

The 88th Avenue Drive-In Theater said it has put its fundraising campaign for a new digital cinema on hold because of a letter from Commerce City threatening to shut them down.

The letter, posted on the Drive-In Theater's Facebook page, says the city is concerned about:

  • Vehicles blocking the entrance to the nearby fire station
  • Vehicles stopping on active railroad crossings
  • Aggressive driving (vehicles veering into the wrong lane to get around backups
  • Vehicles blocking driveways
  • Congestion created by Drive-In patrons blocking access for emergency vehicles

"The state of affairs places your customers, neighbors, and all those who visit or reside in the City in a potentially dangerous position," the letter from the Chief of Police says.

The letter says the city has made some changes including adding "no left turn" signs and increasing ticketing.

The letter says if the changes don't solve the problem, "the City may suspend of revoke a business license."

Fans of the 88th Avenue Drive-In Theater have started a petition drive asking the City Council to step in. The petition says the city is blaming the Drive-In for the city's road maintenance inadequacies.

For a link to the petition drive click here.

Find the theater's Facebook page with letter from the city and the Drive-In's response here.

The drive-in is currently showing movies seven nights a week.

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