Top 5 plays as Broncos trounce Bengals

Broncos beat down Bengals: Top 5 plays
Broncos beat down Bengals: Top 5 plays
Posted at 1:55 PM, Sep 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-25 16:29:47-04

CINCINNATI, Oh. -- The Denver Broncos continued rolling on Sunday, bulldozing the Cincinnati Bengals in yet another stunning victory. 

Defense, offense and special teams all worked together in a third statement that the Broncos may not be the team they were as they won Super Bowl 50, but potentially even better. 

These are the five plays of the game that every Broncos fan needs to know more about.

1.) Complain no more: Sanders gets the majority of catches in the game. 

Emmanuel Sanders was Trevor Siemian's favorite target on the day. He had complained in the week prior about his reception count, but has nothing left to complain about.

Sanders reeled in an early pass from Siemian to help put points on the board -- and recover the lead for the Broncos. 

2.) Injuries present challenges to overcome for Denver.

A host of injuries for the Broncos have prompted substitutions and a host of shifts for the defending Super Bowl 50 champions. Those shifts open the Broncos up for some awkward plays, including one by the Bengals that led the team to go up over the Broncos early on.

Jeremy Hill was able to exploit the defense and nab a 50-yard-run, which would be followed up by a touchdown by the Bengals. 

3.) No worries -- Sanders slays in the receiving game. 

Sanders continued to be an incredible receiving threat, beating defenders for a lengthy 41-yard reception. He scored two touchdowns, the second of which came in a critical drive at the end of the second quarter. 

4.) Back-to-back sack attack.

Shane Ray -- who is accustomed to being an every-down defender, racked up a pair of Von Miller-esque sacks that led the Broncos to shake the Cincinnati offense -- including Andy Dalton.

Ray is helping to fill DeMarcus Ware's position on the defense as he recovers from surgery.

5.) Siemian shines despite previous red zone woes.

Siemian shined as a quarterback for the Broncos, proving he can take care of the ball, score in the red zone -- yes, despite previous failures in the team's first and second games -- and lead the team.

All in all -- Siemian threw for four touchdowns on Sunday, throwing no interceptions. 

A toss in the red zone up the middle to John Phillips was highlight worthy, but he didn't end on that toss.

Siemian would go for several more beautiful passes, padding his numbers, and throwing a toss to Demaryius Thomas, who complained about receptions in the week leading up to the game. 

His pass, which found its mark quickly, spelled defeat for the Bengals. 

The Broncos wound up winning the game handily, piling it on at the end after an interception off a broken up pass by T.J. Ward. 

The Broncos eventually won it all 29 to 17 against Dalton and the Bengals. They'll prepare for their next contest at Tampa Bay.


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