Tiny houses help Lyons bounce back from floods

Posted at 5:22 PM, May 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-18 19:33:24-04

Less than three years ago, Colorado suffered a natural disaster that is not likely to happen again for another hundred years.

Fourteen Colorado counties were hit by catastrophic flooding in September of 2013 and the recovery is still underway.

One of the hardest hit areas along the St. Vrain River has turned tragedy into triumph, in part, with tiny houses.

"There was about three feet of water on the property and it was a roaring river.  All across the property,  along the fence line, along the cliffs.  And it was moving water so it caused a lot of damage," said Lyons resident and business owner, Kenyon Waugh.

The St. Vrain raged through the tiny town of Lyons wiping out what was the Riverbend Mobile Home Park. Thirty-two households were destroyed and owners would never be allowed to return.

"It's been a problem for us seeing so many of our neighbors leave town," said Waugh.

After the floods, the property owner brought in local investors to re-imagine the mobile home site.

Waugh, a 13-year resident of Lyons, is one of them.

"All of us went through the flood in 2013 and we've all been reinvesting in town and watching it grow and come back better than it was before the flood,"  he said.

WeeCasa is a big part of that reinvestment, transforming the space into a paradise for tiny-home enthusiasts, within walking distance of the businesses on Lyons' Main Street.  

Waugh said people from across the country and around the world are coming to Lyons for a stay, a tour or to try out the tiny house lifestyle.

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