Thrifty mom: Arc helps keep 21 million tons out of landfills

Thrit store shopping on earth day
Posted at 6:04 AM, Apr 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-26 08:05:14-04

DENVER -- We just celebrated Earth Day, and one way you can help preserve our planet and reduce waste is by shopping at thrift stores. Reusing items keeps them out of landfills. Last year, Arc Thrift Stores in Colorado prevented 21 million tons of waste from going into Colorado landfills.

Arc has a 100,000 square foot warehouse in Denver where they store items for their retail stores, and prepare items to be recycled and sold on the commodities market overseas.

Arc marketing director Maggie Scivicque says donating to thrift stores is a great way to give items a second life.

"Before you put it in the garbage can, let us at least take a look at it. There's something we could probaly do with it," says Scivicque.

Eventually, items that don't sell in the stores are sold on the commodities market overseas. 

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