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Thousands march down Colfax in day 11 of Floyd demonstrations in Denver

Posted at 11:06 AM, Jun 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-07 14:43:29-04

DENVER — Led by Denver Public School students, thousands marched along East Colfax Avenue in memory of George Floyd Sunday.

The demonstration started at the Greek Amphitheater in Civic Center Park and moved east along Colfax. The event was one of the largest protests yet.

Denver police were handing out water bottles to marchers in the student-led Black Lives Matter protest Sunday that drew thousands.

Denver police hand out water bottles to marchers Sunday

The march culminated at City Park where thousands took a knee for a moment of silence in memory of George Floyd.

Thousands of protesters take a moment of silence in memory of George Floyd

Sunday's protests followed a rally led by players and coaches for the Denver Broncos in downtown Denver on Saturday.

Pushed by safety Kareem Jackson with help from teammates, the event took place at Civic Center Park and included players and coaches wearing T-shirts that read "If you ain't with us, you against us."

Also on Saturday, a federal judge granted some modifications to a temporary restraining order that were requested by the Denver Police Department Saturday afternoon after the order, which restricts certain uses of force by the department, was issued Friday night.

At the same time as the DPS march along Colfax, people gathered on east side of the State Capitol Building to protest a bill being considered that would make personal exemptions against child vaccinations harder to get.