Thompson Valley High School student's rosary beads taken away

School says they are gang-related

LOVELAND, Colo. - A Thompson Valley High School student had his rosary beads taken away twice in three weeks after school officials said they were gang-related.

The Loveland Reporter-Herald reported the story of Manuel Vigil, a junior at the high school.  He is also Catholic and his mother told the newspaper that the beads had been especially important to him in dealing with the recent slaying of an uncle.

School officials said the beads themselves are not prohibited, but they way they are worn could be gang-related and violate the school's dress code.

Loveland Police Sgt. David Murphy, who heads the school resource officers in the Thompson School District, Vigil's rosary had a red-flagging 13 beads in a row instead of a traditional rosary with 10 beads. The number 13 is sometimes associated with the Sureños gang, Murphy told the newspaper.

Read more in the Loveland Reporter-Herald.

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