Thieves steal ATVs from storage lot

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. - The Douglas County Sheriff's department is looking for at least two thieves who broke into a Castle Rock storage lot and stole four ATV's last Friday.

It happened in broad daylight at Castle RV and Mini Storage. The owner, Kim Barrett, said the thieves cut the chain that controls the automatic gate, rolled back the gate and helped themselves to the 4-wheeler ATV's that were all parked on one trailer in the lot.

7NEWS obtained surveillance of the theft. The thieves were driving a white Chevy Suburban with black wheel wells.

It all takes less than three minutes, and then you see, on the surveillance video, the Suburban leaving with the ATV's hitched on.

"And then to be so brazen, seeing that there are security cameras right up there and signs all around, it's quite amazing to me that they would do that," said Barrett.

Barrett and her husband bought the storage lot about a year ago. Since then, they have doubled the lighting in the lot, bolstered the security system and made protecting customers their top priority. Each customer uses a custom code to enter the lot which is fenced off with barbed wire around the entire perimeter.

"You have to weigh and balance security with convenience of folks getting in," said Barrett. "So, no matter what, you really can't have a Ft. Knox-type environment."

Detectives are also looking for the person driving a red Ford Truck. It made a sweep of the lot about a half hour before the heist. It appears to have Michigan license plates.

"They had to have known what they were doing to be in and out of here within a 3 minute time frame in broad daylight," said Barrett.

Trailer owners can buy special hitch locks, which aren't fool-proof, but are a big deterrent.

Police say ATV's are prime targets for theft -- easy to steal, high resale value and largely unnoticed in off-roading as stolen or not.

If you store an RV, a trailer, a boat, etc. in a storage lot, it's important to have it insured. The owners of the 4-wheelers stolen did have insurance.

If you have any information about this crime, call the Douglas County Sheriff's department.

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