Hottest dogs in Denver: A hot dog roundup

These aren't your typical hot dogs.
Posted at 1:54 PM, Aug 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-25 15:56:18-04

DENVER -- Denver might be 1,000 miles from Chicago, but that doesn't mean Colorado residents don't have access to some of the best hot dogs money can buy. 

Dozens of hot dog stands and restaurants in town offer up unique, tasty and diverse options for hot dogs, adding to a growing food culture in the Centennial State. 

Denver7 went out to check out some of the most unique hot dogs there are to try -- although readers may find one or two favorites thrown in along the way. 

1. Biker Jim’s Gourmet Hotdogs

Biker Jim's boasts a treat from the northern hemisphere in their Alaskan Reindeer dog. 

Here are some highlights of the dog: 

It's lean, has good snap to it, enjoys a good amount of char-grill and smoky flavor. It's also not too spicy, certainly flavorful. 

The Colorado sausage czar also brags about his Duck Dog, an intriguing morsel of food. 

The Duck Dog is described by Jim's as slimy, but really is just slightly greasy. It has a strange after-taste that sticks around for a while, but boasts a fantastic bun. 


2. The Uber Sausage

The Uber Sausage claims ownership of some "darn tasty sandwiches," so Denver7 tried out the Colorado Buffalo Sausage Sandwich. 

The sandwich has a taco seasoning flavor to it with a perfect mixture of spicy and sweet. In order to give their dogs a more sandwich-style feel, they surround their sausage in a loaf-style bread. 

This was the spiciest hot dog of the day. 


3. Billy’s Gourmet Hot Dogs

With a wide variety of hot dogs on tap, we decided to take a journey south of the border. Denver7 tried out the Tijuana Dog.

With bacon, avocado and sour cream and a top notch Vienna-style dog, this dog had a balanced flavor. The avocado and sour cream balanced out bite, making it a tasty tog. 


4. Mile High Vienna Stand

Amid a host of unique dogs, Denver7 opted for a classic Chicago Dog from the popular Mile High Vienna Stand. 

The dog was the budget-friendliest on the list and didn't slouch on taste, either. The dog had a great balance between bun, meat and toppings. 


5. Sputnik

Sputnik offers a eclectic take on traditional bar food -- including the glorious hot dog. One of the best options for a vegan bite, Denver7 opted for the Field Roast Dog. 

The Field Roast Dog was a vegan (artificial meat) option, that had a doughy crust and was soft. The dog itself had good kick, but an odd spice that compromised overall flavor. 


These are only five of the hot dog joints beloved by thousands in Denver. Below is a list of 17 additional hot dog joints serving up glorious meat on a bun which came with sparkling references. 

  1. Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs
  2. Mustard’s Last Stand 
  3. Coors Field foot longs 
  4. Hi-Dive
  5. Harley’s A Hot Dog Revolution
  6. Chicago Style Beef and Dogs
  7. Chicago Mike’s Beef & Dogs
  8. Dog Haus
  9. Bender’s Brat Haus
  10. Chicago Louie’s Food Truck
  11. Uncle Fred’s Franks
  12. Jiffy’s Hot Dog Deli
  13. Mercy Dog
  14. Saray Hot Dogs
  15. Borus’ Hotdog Stand
  16. Hound Dogs
  17. C.J.’s Chicago Dogs