Texans fans raise money to buy out Osweiler's contract; Broncos fans poke fun at them

Posted at 12:18 PM, Oct 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-26 14:18:18-04

HOUSTON -- Brock Osweiler has had a few good passes in his short time with the Houston Texans. Not enough, however, to sway fans who look at his larger body of inaccurate passes and poor play.

Those fans took to the internet after his embarrassing showing on Monday Night Football against his former team, when Osweiler tosses over 40 passes for a measly 131 yards. 

In the offseason, the Texans picked up Osweiler with a $72 million contract, a chunk of which is guaranteed money. 

Fans of the Texans, who call that "the worst deal ever," are jokingly looking to raise just that much to help the Texans buy him out. 

One fan who started a GoFundMe wrote, "I am a die hard (sic) Texans fan and we need to get rid of Brock Osweiler or we're not going anywhere. He is a waste of $72 million and for a dollar a day we can get him out and make Deandre Hopkins (sic) happy." 

Supporters have helped raise a paltry $200, but the sentiment is likely appreciated by the Texans front office, which signed Osweiler to the deal before even meeting with the quarterback in person. 

What may not be appreciated are the humorous comments from Broncos fans who are currently gloating over the departure of the unproven signal caller.

"As a diehard Broncos Fan I am sorry for your suffering but he's no longer our problem. Good luck with the next few years with him," Rick, a fan, said. 

Another fan wrote, "Lol, glad he's no longer with the Broncos. Enjoy." 

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the GoFundMe will reach its lofty goals, however fans may have made their point. 

Read more from the humorous GoFundMe page here. 


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