Teen killed in warehouse party shooting known as tremendous musician, student

Posted at 3:10 PM, Nov 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-29 19:45:07-05

AURORA, Colo. -- You don’t have to look very far at Overland High School in Aurora to find a student who knows Sang Kim. Kim, 16, was an established musician at his high school and an honor-roll student.

Kim was shot and killed at a Denver warehouse party over the weekend.

“He was a really nice kid...never caused problems for nobody, was just a good kid in general,” said a classmate at Overland High School.

Sang’s father, who’s a local pastor, said in a statement to Denver7:

"I'm Sanghyuk's father. 

In July 2013 we moved from South Korea to Aurora, CO. Sanghyuk loved everything about the USA. He was a passionate about Jazz Band, school and people. His dream was to become a famous drummer. Through his drumming he wanted to touch as many people as possible with the Word of God. In his free time he loved to play in the Jazz Band, spend time at his our church and bring his friends to our church. He was most focused on bringing his school friends to our new youth group. Sanghyuk liked to talk about Heaven and spoke about the recent shootings across the US."

Mr. Kim said Sang's top interest was to bring just one more person to church to learn about Jesus Christ. 

Those who attended Overland High School said they loved listening to him play music too.

“He played everything. He could play xylophone, he could play drum set,” said Adam Poche, a student at Overland High School.  “He was one of the greatest drummers that I ever knew. I didn’t know him very well, but I got the opportunity to go to one of his concerts and he blew me away.”

Sang was gunned down at a warehouse part in Denver over the weekend. Denver police say there was a fight at the party which spilled out into the parking lot where two people were shot.

Sang died at the warehouse and another person was shot in the hand.

Denver police said Tuesday they don’t have any information to release related to potential suspects or a motive.

Sang’s funeral service will be held Thursday afternoon.


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