Tech Thursday: Denver-based Fluid launches ‘Hubs' for equipment rentals in your neighborhood

Posted at 12:35 PM, Sep 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-07 14:35:05-04

DENVER – Fluid, the Denver-based startup whose mission is to make it easier to rent equipment to and from neighbors, is expanding its offerings in the city.

The company just launched Fluid Hubs in August. Hubs are storage-container-sized boxes that contain items that can be rented out through the Fluid app.

Fluid currently has two standalone Hubs, located in the Wash Park and Lower Highlands neighborhoods. The company also has Hubs at several apartment complexes around the city and is working to add more.

The Hubs hold common items you might need at a moment’s notice -- like power tools -- as well as recreational equipment such as paddleboards, tents, cornhole, Jenga and volleyball. The items available in each Hub will change depending on the season, so expect to see more snow gear once the temperatures start to drop.

Fluid’s Community Manager, Niki Robins, said the company’s goal is to put Hubs in places where people need them so they don’t have to buy items they might only use once or twice.

“We’re trying to make things as close to people as possible,” Robins said, adding, “If I want to borrow a chainsaw but it’s in Highlands and I’m in DU, I’d rather buy it.”

Just like items that individuals can rent out through Fluid, each piece of equipment in the Fluid Hub is insured to protect against loss or damage. The Hubs also are equipped with security cameras, Robins said.

Fluid launched the Hubs in Denver first but plans to eventually expand the service to other cities.

Since launching its app last year, Fluid has grown to about 20,000 users and $30 million in inventory.

Apartment managers or management companies who are interested in hosting a Fluid Hub at their facility can get in touch with the company via email at

Learn more about Fluid Hubs at