Suspended Broncos season ticket holder says he can prove he attended games last year

Team targeting those who sell all their tickets
Posted at 5:58 PM, Mar 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-21 20:19:35-04

DENVER -- Hundreds of Denver Broncos season ticket holders are being looked into by the Broncos for selling all of their tickets with no intention of attending any of the games.

The Broncos have started an audit to sniff out ticket holders who use the tickets solely for profit.

Bob, who doesn’t want to use his last name, has had six south-end lower-level seats for over 40 years and was stunned to find out his account has been frozen by the team.

“I did go to two games last year, all six tickets were used, I took friends to all of the games,” Bob said. “I was devastated the thought I was going to lose these tickets after 40 years. My hope is to pass them on to my son who will own them at some point in time, I hope.”

The Broncos said they’re trying to put tickets in the hands of fans who want them.

A team spokesperson said the season ticket waiting list is 75,000 people long and hasn’t moved since the 2011 season.

The goal isn’t to suspend ticket holders who sell a couple games to help pay for the tickets and then attend the rest, a team spokesperson said.

Instead, the goal is to find those who don’t attend any of the games and whose tickets end up in the hands of big ticket brokers, a team spokesperson said.

“You go to Ticketmaster and you sell the tickets on Ticketmaster, the Broncos are getting a percent of that also, so to me, they’re working both sides of the fence,” Bob said.

Following the audit process, season ticket holders will be offered to renew their seats, then upgrades will be offered, followed by those who would like to upgrade seats, a team spokesperson said.

Eventually, the goal will be to free up tickets for those on the waiting list, followed by freeing up more single game tickets that sold out in five minutes last season, a team spokesperson said.

Bob said he attended two games last year in his seats and has pictures to prove it.

Bob said the Broncos are looking to the wrong people for ticket violations and is hopeful his will be re-instated.

“I give a majority of these tickets away, I always have, I pay for them and I don’t charge for them in most cases,” said Bob.

A team spokesperson said the audit process should take a few more weeks, with final decisions being made a few months from now.


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