Suspects wanted in three robberies on a single night in northwest Denver

DENVER - Three suspects are wanted in connection for three armed robberies in a single night in Denver.

According to a crime alert issued by Denver Police and Metro Denver Crime Stoppers, all three robberies occurred on the night of September 4, all in northwest Denver. All three occurred within an hour and ten minutes, between 9:45 p.m. and 10:55 p.m., according to police reports.

The first robbery occurred near Interstate 70 and Pecos Street. Surveillance video from that crime, obtained only by 7NEWS, shows only the male suspects inside a liquor store. They appear to be shoplifting at first, but the situation escalates when the clerk asked a suspect to open his bag. One of the suspects can be seen putting on a glove. At the front of the store, he has a gun in the gloved hand.

Police believe the suspects next went to another liquor store near 32nd Avenue and Tejon Street. Surveillance from that store, given only to 7NEWS, did show the female suspect.

On the video, the suspect who appears to be the same one who had the gun at the first robbery, puts the liquor store owner in a chokehold and puts a gun to his side. Amazingly, other family members working in the store rush to attack the robber.

"With his left hand, he was choking my husband. With the right hand, he was pointing the gun, but I grabbed him," said the owner's wife, who did not want to be identified. "I was shouting, yelling, shouting (and) shouting. I was saying, 'Ahhhh;' loud shouting. I jump, I grab the gun (and) I pull his hand from my husband's body."

The video shows the other male suspect and the female standing near the door watching the attack.

"He said, 'Let me go. Let me go," said the woman. "My intention was if the gun hit my hand, my husband doesn't get hurt that much."

They let go of the suspect with the gun, while another family member called police. The three ran out of the liquor store. They got away with nothing.

The final robbery of the night occurred 10 minutes later at a convenience store at 38th Avenue and Irving Street.

A clerk at that location told 7NEWS that the three suspects came inside the store and forced the clerk from the front of the store to a back office.

The three suspects were in their twenties.

The two Hispanic male suspects were both described as 5-foot-6. One was estimated to weigh 160 pounds and had a short mustache. The other was estimated to weigh 175 pounds.

The third suspect is a Hispanic woman, estimated to be 5-foot-3 and weigh 115 pounds.

A Jeep Liberty with damaged windows may also be associated with the suspects, according to the crime alert.

Anyone with information about the suspects in these robberies is asked to call Metro Denver Crime Stoppers at 720-913-7867. Calls can remain anonymous.

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