Study finds Colorado is mostly happy; 5 metro areas in state rank in top 100 for happiness

New York City ranked as the least happy city

DENVER - If you live in Colorado, there's a good chance you are happy.

That's the conclusion of an "Unhappy Cities" study done by researchers from Harvard University and the University of British Columbia.

The research compiled data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and adjusted it to factor in demographics, such as race, income, sex and age.

Five Colorado metropolitan areas rank in the top 100 for happiness with Fort Collins/Loveland ranked as the 38th happiest city in the U.S., Colorado Springs came in at 43 and Grand Junction ranking 65.

Boulder/Longmont came in at 66, Greeley made the list at 89th happiest, and Denver slipped below the top 100 to rank 102 on the happiness scale.

The unhappiest metropolitan area in Colorado was Pueblo, which was ranked 178 on the list of 318 cities.

The study determined that the happiest parts of the U.S. include most of Louisiana and rural areas of Georgia.

New York City was ranked as the least happy large city, with pockets of Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and Pennsylvania ranking among least happy states.

The study was based on CDC data from 2005-2009 before demographic adjustments.


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