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Spring snowstorm creates wealth of work for arborists

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Posted at 8:31 PM, Apr 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-16 22:31:33-04

DENVER — The spring snowstorm brought down trees and limbs across the Denver metro area knocking out power, damaging vehicles and creating a weight of work for arborists.

Dane Douglas, an arborist with Dandy Tree Care, said his phone has been ringing nonstop. He was cutting up a tree limb, estimated to be about 30 feet, that fell towards Downing Street just south of Washington Park.

It marked his tenth job of the day, and more clients were waiting for his services.

“We’ve got a tree later today that fell on a roof, and it’s caused them severe roof damage,” Douglas said.

Cyndi Karvaski, with the City and County of Denver Parks and Recreation, said they’ve received more than 200 reports of trees or branches blocking streets or the right of way.

Douglas said during spring, trees start leafing out and the immense amount of weight and stress brought on by the wet and heavy snow snaps off branches. He said some of the damage seen across the city can be prevented through annual tree maintenance.

“Get all of the dead wood out of there. Have somebody come assess your trees to make sure that they are strong and that they are not going to break off when the heavy snow comes,” Douglas said.

Kilgore Shattuck woke up to countless tree branches covering his truck.

“When I came out this morning, I was counting my blessings that I didn’t have a shattered windshield,” Shattuck said.

Tree limbs blocked sidewalks in the University neighborhood and near Washington park.

In the City of Denver, property owners are responsible for downed trees on their private property and within the adjacent right of way. To have a tree or branch removed from a street residents can call 3-1-1.

“The city will evaluate and prioritize the removal of the obstruction, and, when necessary, the city will remove the encumbrance, and the cost of the work will be billed to the responsible property owner,” a Denver Parks and Recreation statement says.

The city recommends disposing of tree debris at Cherry Creek Recycling Drop-off Center located near East Cherry Creek Drive South and South Quebec Street, not at city parks.