Family loses childhood home to the Cold Springs Fire

Couple took photo of home while evacuating
Posted at 6:01 PM, Jul 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-12 20:13:17-04

Cold Springs Fire crews have been dedicated to saving homes from the moment the fire sparked Saturday.

While they’ve rescued dozens of properties from destruction, they aren't able to protect every home.

Rich Lampright and his wife have lived in Nederland since the early 1970's, living in the home his father built, but now their home is gone.

“I was outside and I had come in and a minute later turned around and the sky went from like today, clear blue severe clear, to you could only see a block and a half," said Lampright.

Lampright said he bundled together some clothes and machinery on his property, hooked up his two vehicles to his camper, then stopped to take one last picture of his home before driving to safety.

He said he knew that was going to be the last time he’d see his house standing.

“Just draw a line straight from the campfire, or the source, to where we were," said Lampright.

Lampright has known his entire life wildfires are a risk of living in the mountains, but never thought a fire would destroy his home. 

“You always think, that's somebody else, it'll never, the odds of it happening to me is so slim it's like being struck by lightning really; but that's always a possibility living up here," said Lampright.

Those who live in the burn areas will be able to return to their properties Wednesday morning, for the first time since the fire sparked.

They'll have two hours to check on their homes and collect any property