Some cyclists say Denver Parks and Recreation is going after speeding too hard

DENVER - Some bicyclists have complained they are being singled out by Denver Parks and Recreation in a speed crackdown.

Park rangers were enforcing the 15 mph speed limit in Washington Park this past weekend.

Is it necessary or harassment? That certainly depends on who you ask.

"Fifteen seems a little slow,” said cyclist Mike Warren. “Especially if you're under control. Out on a good ride – I’ll average 20. I’ve gotten speeding tickets down on the 16th Street Mall."

Parks and Rec says it is not unfairly harassing cyclists, just enforcing the law.

"We're not singling out anyone," said Cyndi Karvaski, spokeswoman with Denver Parks and Rec. "We do get a lot of complaints from pedestrians on that roadway."

"Especially the rush hour cyclists after 4:30,” said David, who lives across the street from the park. “They go crazy. They’ve got to be going 20 mph or faster. Somebody's going to get hurt. It's just a matter of time. They're going way too fast and it's really dangerous."

We clocked cyclists with our 7NEWS speed gun on Monday. Many were well over the posted 15 mph limit.
"Things like that, I think you need some sort of supervision over speeds like that," said cyclist Ken Liuzzi. “I will never speed. Partially because I just don’t have the leg power.”

Andrew Eswein walks his dog, Tucker, regularly in Washington Park.

“The main issue I see with speeding is with families and other little kids riding their bikes,” Eswein said. “You get the occasional cycling team or club that seems to come out on the weekends and train. They get going pretty good.”

The city says its efforts are all in the name of safety.

“Cyclists can appeal if they receive a citation and don’t think the city made a good case,” said Karvaski.

She also said rangers always post a sign ahead of the radar zone – warning cyclists what’s ahead.

“I think it needs to be policed tighter,” said one walker. “And I have nothing against bike riders. I think it’s great that they get out and do that.”


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