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Sheridan woman cited by police for destroying neighbor's equality yard sign

Krystal Barczak
Posted at 3:54 PM, Sep 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-13 12:25:22-04

SHERIDAN, Colo. -- A couple's equality yard sign is taped up and now behind a window after they say a neighbor destroyed it, and the whole ordeal was caught on camera.

The homeowners' Ring doorbell camera captured the woman going on a rampage on the yard sign Saturday afternoon.

Ring video of woman destroying neighbor's equality yard sign

This happened on South Hazel Court in Sheridan.

In the video, you can see and hear the woman's rage as she tears the sign up and repeatedly hits the doorbell camera.

The homeowners say they weren't home at the time, and they've had the sign up for more than a year. They have never seen the woman or had any encounters with her.

The couple did not want to be identified because they're concerned for their safety, but they sent Denver7 the following statement: “We are saddened that our home was attacked on a day in which we remember the lives lost of so many innocent Americans. This was a violation of our personal property and space. Everyone has the right to live in their home without fear of it being attacked, despite their political or social identities. We would like this community to be one of acceptance, mutual respect and kindness towards our neighbors, regardless of our differences.”

Sheridanpolice identified the woman in the video as Krystal Barczak. She was cited for criminal mischief for tearing up the sign.

Neighbors say, and records confirm, she lives nearby.

Denver7 reached out to Barczak and received a response Sunday evening.

"I am extremely ashamed of my behavior and very sorry. I had an emotional breakdown over the remembrance of 9/11," she said in a message. She continued that it was no excuse for her behavior.