Senator Mark Udall won't attend President Obama fundraiser in Denver due to legislative business

DENVER - Colorado Sen. Mark Udall, who was to appear with President Barack Obama at a Democratic fundraiser Wednesday in Denver, says he won't attend because of legislative business in Washington.

In a statement, Udall's campaign spokesman Chris Harris said that "due to last-minute votes and legislative activity" Udall will be unable to make the trip back to Colorado for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee event. Udall's office said the Senate was scheduled to vote on the confirmation of San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro as Housing and Urban Development secretary and that Udall also needed to work on his legislation to expand access to public shooting ranges and "secure women's access to contraception."

"Mark is grateful for the president’s support, and had hoped to welcome him to Colorado in person, but his responsibilities to serve Colorado in the Senate come first," Harris said in a statement.

"Now that he [Udall] has been called out on being a rubber stamp for President Obama’s agenda he has decided to hide in Washington, DC instead of face voters back in his home state," said challenger Cory Gardner campaign spokesman Alex Siciliano. "Senator Udall’s bizarre behavior these last few days will no doubt leave many Coloradans questioning his integrity, and rightly so.”

Udall is seeking re-election but is considered one of the Senate's vulnerable Democrats. Some observers say Obama's unpopularity could make the president a political liability.

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