Second teen wrongly ticketed by Lafayette police officer for riding bike through crosswalk

Teen wants ticket dropped and officer apology

LAFAYETTE, Colo. - When Tayler Kauper saw the 7NEWS story about Vince Martin, the teenager who posted a viral video after a Lafayette police officer mistakenly ticketed him for riding his bike through a crosswalk, it hit home.

"They were watching TV and just happened to see the kid.  He's the reason I found out it wasn't a law," Kauper said.

In the video, Martin questioned why the officer was ticketing him after he was stopped while riding his bike through a crosswalk at South Boulder Road and Minotaur Circle in Lafayette. Martin also pointed to another bicyclist also riding in the cross walk and asked incredulously, "Watch this guy. He just did the same thing.  Are you (f-word) kidding me?"

As it turns out, three days before Martin's run in with the officer, Kauper had a similar incident of her own. She was riding her bike in the same crosswalk when a car turned on a red and slammed into her.

"Most of my left leg took the damage," the teen said.

Kauper was taken by ambulance to the hospital, so you can imagine her surprise when the same officer that ticketed Martin showed up there with a citation for her.

"I was kind of shocked," Kauper said.

"We did question the officer, 'Why are you giving a ticket?' and 'What code is it?' and he couldn't respond to us as to why," said Ron Pino, Kauper's dad.

The officer has since dropped Martin's ticket and wrote him an apology. Kauper told 7NEWS she now wants the same treatment.

"I'm requesting an apology from the officer, and I am also requesting that my summons and my ticket be dropped," Kauper said.

A spokesperson for the Lafayette Police Department said several bicyclists have been hit at that intersection recently.

Officers also said they have written four tickets to people for riding their bikes through the crosswalk. However, they said they are in the process of requesting that all of those citations be dropped.

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