Sculpture of horse wearing HAZMAT suit installed near Rocky Flats in Arvada area

ARVADA, Colo. - “What's up with the red horse wearing a gas mask standing on the south side of Highway 93 just west of Indiana?”

7NEWS received this email this week. The person is referencing a new horse sculpture, installed on Aug. 25, near Rocky Flats in northwest Arvada.

It’s called the Cold War Horse, made by artist Jeff Gipe. The horse is dressed in a red HAZMAT suit, goggles and a respirator, and catches the eye.

The horse stands next to the site of the former nuclear weapons facility and is meant to symbolize the danger workers there endured, the artist says.

A dedication ceremony will happen Oct. 18, the 10-year anniversary week of the Rocky Flats being declared clean.
Gipe grew up in Arvada, 4 miles from the weapons plant. His father worked at the plant for 20 years.  He says he wants to inform nearby residents about the history and present concerns of Rocky Flats.

FBI raided the facility decades ago, and operators later pleaded guilty to environmental law violations.

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