Classes aren't cancelled for Broncos parade

Posted at 6:14 PM, Feb 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-09 09:22:29-05

For fan Nichole Williams, grabbing Bronco gear is worth skipping lunch.

"I'm getting ready for the parade tomorrow because the Broncos just won Super Bowl 50,” said Williams.

She grabbed several Broncos items for her 6-year-old to take to school Tuesday, and she's glad the Broncos big win isn't affecting schools.

“It's best that they are in school learning,” Williams said.

Denver7's Sally Mamdooh checked with Aurora, Douglas County, Cherry Creek and Jeffco school districts. They said classes won't be canceled for Tuesday's Broncos parade. Cherry Creek School District explained it already had 3 snow days.

"That will bum my son out," said Broncos Fan Jeani Gee.

Despite Gee disappointment, she doesn’t plan on taking her son out for the big parade.

“Education comes first.” said Gee.

Carolyn Davila who has a ten-year-old son thinks the parade would be educational for her son.

“He plays team sports so it's good for him to learn about team spirit," said Davila.

One father who was at Sports Authority shopping for Broncos gear says he is still on the fence. “I think that's an individual decision, we are still kind of up in the air whether or not to do it because it is a short week for her in school but this is not something that happens all the time,"

Denver Public Schools said students are encouraged to come to class and wear Broncos clothes...

"However, if families want their children to participate in the celebration downtown, we ask they contact their child’s school and let school leaders know they are seeking an excused absence. We are recommending that principals, who know their families best, grant these requests. Students who do not attend school, and whose families do not contact their schools, will be given an unexcused absence."