Ryan Dougherty, Lee Grace Dougherty change pleas in Georgia bank robbery to guilty

Ryan Dougherty, Lee Grace Dougherty in Georgia

VALDOSTA, Ga. - Two of three siblings accused of robbing a south Georgia bank during a crime spree that started in Florida and ended with a shootout in Colorado entered guilty pleas in a Georgia court.

Ryan Dougherty and Lee Grace Dougherty on Monday entered new pleas in federal court in Valdosta. They will return for sentencing on Dec. 17. Their brother, Dylan Stanley-Dougherty, is not scheduled to enter a new plea.

All three pleaded not guilty in May to Georgia bank robbery and gun charges.

In April, the siblings were sentenced in connection with their capture in Colorado. Ryan Dougherty was sentenced to 18 years after pleading guilty to five counts of menacing.

His sister, Lee Grace Dougherty, was sentenced to 24 years. 

Their brother, Dylan Stanley-Dougherty, received the maximum prison sentence -- 32 years -- for his guilty plea to one charge of first-degree assault. He was accused of firing an assault rifle at pursuing officers before they were captured.

Ryan Dougherty told authorities in Colorado that the trio hoped to escape to Mexico. The siblings told investigators they traveled across the country in a stolen car, taking back roads to avoid detection.

After sentencing, the three were transferred to Georgia. They still face charges in Florida, where authorities say they shot at an officer during a high-speed chase.

"We'll be seeking sentences that ensure they spend most of their life in prison, if not all of it, so if and when they were to get out of prison they would no longer pose a threat to everyone," said Bruce Bartlett, chief assistant state attorney for Florida's 6th Judicial District.

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