Rodeo queen with cerebral palsy finds her voice

Skyler Baker overcomes physical challenges to ride

AKRON, Colo - A Colorado rodeo queen flies on horseback, but sometimes has trouble walking. Skyler Baker has cerebral palsy, and her small town says there is no one better to represent their "grit."

Baker was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when she was 8 months old, which restricts movement in her right hand and right leg, but she refuses to let the disorder define her.

"I don't feel different," said Baker. "I'm unique, just like everyone else."

Baker was riding horses before she could walk, and showed an early talent for barrel racing.

She has to work twice as hard to balance and force herself to use both hands, and when she gets bucked off, she gets right back on.

"She has good old cowboy grit," said her father, Doug Baker. "It's nothing special to us. It is just our way of life."

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