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Rocktober has been a gold mine for downtown Denver

Posted at 9:56 PM, Oct 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-02 00:39:28-04

DENVER — A second straight playoff year for the Rockies has been heaven for fans and a home run for businesses in Lower Downtown Denver.

”Honestly, it's nothing but ‘Go Rockies!’ It's nothing but good for us,” Soledad Aofaro told Denver 7’s Tom Mustin.

Aofaro works at City Stacks and Coffee on Wazee, a stone’s throw from Coors field. She says 40,000 screaming fans the past few weeks have increased her business by 50 percent.

“A family comes in and buys three books, that's 60 bucks, and if you have a bunch of those families, it helps our business a lot,” she said. 

Aofaro says the increased foot traffic alone has allowed the small business to thrive.

“Those baseball games have been sustaining us throughout the summer months,” she said. “You have families coming in and buying books as gifts; you have people that aren't from here who are just traveling around Denver buying a lot of our sideline stuff.“

Ashlen Snell works at the Milk Market. She says Rockies baseball — especially when they're winning — is the business equivalent of a Nolan Arenado round-tripper. 

"On a night when the Rockies are playing we have more staff, more coverage all around just because we know a lot of people will be in here,” Snell said. “It's the best of Denver when the Rockies are playing, especially when they're winning.”

The city doesn't have any hard numbers on the effect of Rocktober, but Antonio Rodriguez says he's seen attendance skyrocket at his restaurant, Albina by the Sea.

“In terms of actual profit, I would say thousands, thousands of dollars more,” Rodriguez said.

With the Rockies still rolling in the postseason, Aofara is sending a silent prayer to the gods on Blake Street.

“I hope you do really well in the playoffs because I really love my job,” she said.