Residents near Cherry Creek bike path dealing with homeless population

Posted at 6:07 PM, Sep 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-21 21:21:50-04
DENVER -- The charm of the 1100 East 7th Avenue neighborhood is what brought Alida Hilton and her husband to the area two years ago.
“I like being in central Denver,” said Hilton. 
However recently, living near the Cherry Creek bike path is starting to lose its charm. 
“We are seeing young homeless people with addiction problems sleeping in the ally way," said Hilton. 
Hilton says she has seen more of a homeless presence after several city sweeps, the latest one at the Cherry Creek bike path. 
“Our neighbor came out to take his trash, and there was someone sleeping there, and that's common in this neighborhood,” said Hilton. 
She says the growing homeless problems in the area has been the talk among neighbors. On the website Next Door, a woman wrote that she had noticed crack and a man passed out in her yard. Another woman says she discovered a blanket she left outside was full of feces. 
The city told Denver7 that it's working continuously on the homeless issue and spending $50 million to try to fix.
Hilton says she is hoping for much faster solution to growing issue that has spilled over to her neighborhood. 
“When people have to check their backyards before they can let their kids go out and play, that's a problem,” said Hilton.  


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