Recommendations released for reform of Denver Sheriff Department, jail

DENVER - Several task forces assembled to review the Denver Sheriff Department and the jail, released 40 recommendations late Thursday night. 

The recommendations will serve as a guide as the department prepares for a top to bottom review by a third party firm.

The groups have been meeting since April and include church leaders, civil rights activists as well as members of local law enforcement.

Among the recommendations:

  • Make changes to the Taser policy.
  • Makes changes to the inmate handbook.
  • Send the Office of the Independent Monitor automated notifications when a use of force incident occurs and there is serious bodily injury.
  • Change shifts from 12 hours to 10 hours.
  • Include mental health training as part of DSD's "special training" curriculum.

In an interview with 7NEWS, safety manager Stephanie Y. O'Malley said the various backgrounds of the participants brings important perspective.

"Are those things working?  If they're not, what from your collective experience and belief needs to be changed? And those are the recommendation, by consensus that have come out of the work of these committees," said O’Malley.

For a complete list of the recommendations, click here:

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