RadioShack robbery suspects face attempted murder charges

RadioShack suspects face attempted murder charges

DENVER - Two men accused of trying to rob a Colfax RadioShack that led to a six-hour standoff with police have been charged with attempted murder. 

Michael Annan, 23, and Taveuan Williams, 19, both appeared in court Saturday morning, the day after police said they tried to rob a RadioShack and then took an employee hostage for six hours before giving up. 
Both men are being held on $200,000 bond. They also face charges of robbery and kidnapping. 
Officers responded within minutes after getting a call of a robbery at the store near on Colfax Avenue near Glencoe Street at 9:48 a.m. Friday.
Police "got there before the robbers exited the store," said Denver Police Chief Robert White. 
Annan and Williams then took the store manager hostage and refused to leave, police said. 
Several shots were fired during the early part of the standoff, but no one was injured, White said. 
A SWAT team and a Crisis Negotiation Team were called to the scene.  Around 4 p.m., both suspects decided to give up and released their hostage, Chris Nimerfroh, White said. 
Nimerfroh was unharmed.
During the tense standoff, friends of Williams told 7NEWS they had talked to him over the phone. Williams told them he was afraid to come out of the store because he thought he would be shot and killed by a police officer. 
White said negotiators assured the suspects "that if they came out, unarmed, that we would safely secure them."
Williams is just 19 years old, but in the past year he's had eight arrests and two felony convictions, according to arrest and court records. His arrests include aggravated motor vehicle theft, theft, larceny, identity theft and probation violation. He also has three arrests for obstructing or interfering with police.
Public records show Annan also has prior convictions for robbery, burglary, motor theft and escape.
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