Prosecutors say James Holmes' lawyers sent letters to survivors of the Aurora theater shooting

DENVER - Defense attorneys for the Aurora movie theater gunman and a woman working for them have repeatedly contacted victims of the attack and also coordinated with anti-death penalty advocates, according to prosecutors in the case.

James Holmes' lawyers have sent survivors and families of the slain victims at least two letters, including one inviting the victims to attend a meeting with the attorneys. A woman working on behalf of the defense as a victim-outreach specialist has also contacted victims and worked in conjunction with anti-death penalty advocates, according to prosecutors.

One victim who was contacted believed that the woman, Tammy Krause, was trying to recruit victims to speak out against the decision to seek the death penalty against Holmes, according to an affidavit from that victim included in a prosecution filing last month that was made public Tuesday.

The filing is the prosecutors' explanation for why they sent an email to victims asking them instead to contact the district attorney's office if they disagree with the death penalty decision. The email -- in which prosecutors also suggest that the defense's victim-outreach efforts have caused confusion -- is the centerpiece of a defense motion for sanctions against prosecutors.

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