Proposed DIA project would dramatically change main terminal

DENVER – Major changes may be coming to the flow and function of the 1.5 million-square-foot space under the iconic white tented rooftop at Denver International Airport.

Airport officials released Friday conceptual design renderings that detail the proposed renovations to the Jeppesen Terminal.

One of the proposed major changes will include moving TSA security checkpoints from the center of terminal, which will open up the center of the Great Hall. The security screening area was placed in its current location after the September 11 attacks, but it was never designed to be in that space.

The Great Hall Project will also consolidate the ticket counters and redesign the shopping and dining experience.

The project to modernize the terminal began in 2015 amid a growing regional population. The terminal is quickly becoming cramped as DIA continues to break passenger traffic month after month.

Airport officials say the Great Hall Project will not only transform and modernize the terminal experience, but it will also prepare the terminal to serve more than 80 million passengers per year after completion and enhance passenger safety and security. 

Negotiations are nearly complete and airport officials anticipate bringing the final terms of a development agreement to the Denver City Council for public consideration in July or August.  

Watch a 3D walkthrough of the Great Hall.

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