Primary election day Tuesday, do you still have ballot?

DENVER - Tuesday is primary election day in Colorado.

Two of the big issues being decided on Tuesday is who will be the final two candidates to run for Cory Gardner's District 4 seat in the House of Representatives and which Republican candidate will face incumbent, Democratic governor John Hickenlooper.

Republican voters across the state have four candidates to choose from to run against Hickenlooper -- Mike Kopp, Scott Gessler, Tom Tancredo and Bob Beauprez.

In District 4, both Republicans and Democrats are voting on candidates to replace Cory Gardner who is running for the U.S. Senate against Mark Udall. On the Democratic side, the candidates are Vic Meyers and Dan Chapin. On the Republican side, the candidates are Scott Renfroe, Ken Buck, Steven Laffrey and Barbara Kirkmeyer.

The general election is November 4.

If you plan to use a mail-in ballot to vote, it is too late to mail your ballot. It must be delivered to your county clerk's office by 7 p.m. on Tuesday.

Find your local election office here.

See the full candidate list.

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