Preview of Monsoon season impacting Colorado fire danger: True rainstorms start next week

DENVER — Over the next few days, fire danger in the state will weaken as Colorado's monsoon season gives residents a taste of rain and storms. 

Through Friday, rain will drench much of the Denver metro area and will hit much of the mountains, decreasing the temperature and effectively lowering the fire danger in the state.

That's good news for crews battling half a dozen fires in Colorado, although this coming Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday will see a resurfacing of the hot, dry pattern we've become accustomed to over the past eek.

According to Denver7 Chief Meteorologist Mike Nelson, that trend will begin to disappear as the monsoon season gets into full swing.

According to Nelson, Denver has only seen a small taste of what the Monsoon season has to offer, and the rainy season should begin to fully impact Colorado next week, as soon as next Wednesday. 

Historically, the rainy season has helped Colorado cope with wildfires, however it does pose a risk, too.

Storms are often accompanied by lightning strikes, which can cause their own wildfires. In addition, heavy rain can flood burn scar areas. 

Follow where fires and fire danger exist in the state in the maps below, and learn more about Colorado's monsoon season here.

For more information, including county-by-county burn restrictions, log on to

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