Possible intruder shot outside home where marijuana being grown

DENVER - Police still have not made any arrests after a possible burglar was shot outside a home where marijuana was being grown.

It happened just after 4 a.m. Wednesday on the 700 block of S. Wolff Street, a few blocks southeast of West Alameda Avenue and South Sheridan Boulevard.

Police said the homeowners report that they caught a man jumping a fence into their yard. Someone in the house then shot the man while he was still outside.

Police believe the man shot got into a car and went to a nearby hospital. They said he's expected to survive and was undergoing surgery Wednesday afternoon.

An officer on scene said a young child was sleeping inside the house at the time of the shooting.

Police are still investigating whether the marijuana grow at the home is legal. The homeowner told investigators there had been past break-ins with plants stolen.

Colorado's 'Make My Day' law allows homeowners to use deadly force on an intruder, but the law only applies when an intruder is inside a home.

7NEWS captured video of police handcuffing a man in front of the home and putting paper bags over his hands. That is standard procedure for preserving possible gunshot residue. Police later said the man was questioned and released.

7NEWS Reporter Lindsay Watts spotted what looked like gun holster on the ground near the home.

Police said the item may be evidence in the case.

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