Police rule Thornton house explosion in July that killed resident was a suicide

THORNTON, Colo. - Thornton police say a house explosion that killed a resident in July was an act of suicide.

In a news release Thursday, the Thornton Police Department said the evidence indicates that the victim, 59-year-old Gary Pine, engaged an intentional act to commit suicide by detaching the natural gas line to the furnace causing the home to fill with natural gas, which resulted in the eventual ignition and subsequent explosion of the home.

The blast on June 17, at 13072 Monroe Dr., leveled the home. Pine was the only one in the house at the time.

The only recognizable part of the home's remaining structure after the explosion was a part of a garage. Blast debris was spread over two blocks and atop cars and an RV.

The siding of a neighboring home was knocked off in the blast, exposing the insulation beneath.

Thornton City Manager Jack Ethredge said five homes around the explosion site were vacated but are repairable and salvageable.

Pine's body was recovered from the basement of the home. 

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