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Police on lookout for sex assault suspect accused of molesting 6-year old boy in Walmart restroom

Javier Dominguez-Gallegos paid bond, disappeared
Posted at 11:16 PM, Jan 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-19 01:16:53-05

WINDSOR, Colo. -- Police are on the lookout for a man accused of sexually assaulting a six-year old boy, in a restroom at Walmart.

The suspect posted a $1,000 bond after he was arrested, then disappeared.

Victim attacked on his birthday

The alleged assault happened November 29 at the Walmart Supercenter, at I-25 and Harmony Road.

"It was his birthday, which adds insult to injury," the boy's father told Denver7. "A family member took him to Walmart to get a birthday present.  He had to use the restroom."

According to the arrest affidavit, a man in the restroom grabbed the boy, molested him and tried to expose himself.

"He got out of (the man's) arms," the boy's mother said.  

Police arrested 28-year old Javier Dominguez-Gallegos, of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

He's been charged with one count of Sexual Assault on a Child.

Dominguez-Gallegos was apparently working in Colorado when he and some co-workers stopped at the Walmart in Timnath.

Both parents question whether the suspect gave police his real name.  They say he may have have been using an alias.

"He had zero ID on him," the victim's father said. "He gave his address as Trailer #8."

"He could be anybody," the boy's mom said. "He could have prior convictions."

Other Victims?

Both parents are angry that Dominguez-Gallegos was able to post bond and then disappear.

"Other children could be at risk," the mom said. "He should have been held in jail until  they were sure who he was, and his bond should have been much higher."

"In my opinion, there should have been no bond," the father said, "when you can't prove who you are and you do that kind of crime to an innocent little boy."

State Court officials say that judges consider flight risk and past history when setting bond.

They said it was a "cash-only" bond and that it was paid.

The victim's mom said if Dominguez-Gallegos is a foreign national, that increases his flight risk.

She believes the low bond was either a "system failure," or a "screw-up" by the judge.

Security Video

The mom told Denver7 that security video shows her son walking into the restroom.

"He was in there for two minutes," she said.  "The man was in there for 13."

When asked if she knew why the man was in the restroom for 13 minutes," she replied, "That's the scary part...we don't know if he was waiting for another child to come in.  We don't know what he was doing in there."

The mom said she wants other parents to know about the dangers of young children using public restrooms unattended.

She said she doesn't want a similar incident to happen to anyone else.

Victim not taking about incident

When asked how her son is doing, she said he doesn't want to talk about what happened, but is doing okay.

"He was able to ride a bicycle in the room while he was talking to police," she said.  "That's what he remembers most about the incident."