Englewood police search Wells Fargo bank for burglars after bank employee forced to give passcodes

Denver police looking into possible home invasion

DENVER - Police officers armed with assault rifles searched a Wells Fargo Bank in Englewood Friday morning after reports that home-invaders forced a bank employee to give up passcodes.

Police found no burglars during two security sweeps of  the bank, located on South Federal Boulevard near West Belleview Avenue, 7NEWS reporter Tyler Lopez reported.

Englewood police said they were investigating the possibility that criminals had forced a Wells Fargo employee to provide the bank's security passcodes during an early Friday morning home invasion at the employee's apartment in Denver.

Denver police said they are investigating a possible home-invasion at the Fielders Creek Apartments, on West Floyd Avenue and South Federal Boulevard, but a spokesman stressed that it's unclear what happened.

At midday, two uniformed Denver officers were securing a second-floor apartment in the complex, saying they'd been told not to let anyone enter it.

Late Friday afternoon, a neighbor told 7NEWS that two men with zip ties on their lower legs knocked on his door early in the morning and asked for a phone to call police. 

At one point, several Englewood police officers, as well as a fire truck and an ambulance, were at the Wells Fargo bank. Members of the FBI's Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force were also present.

The bank was kept closed Friday morning as a precaution, said Englewood police spokesman Sgt. Brian Cousineau.

Police, some training their assault rifles on the bank's entrance as other officers entered, searched the bank once Friday morning and found nothing.

Officers swept the bank a second time after reviewing bank surveillance video that gave them reason to believe an intruder might still be inside. Again, police found no one inside and the bank was declared cleared just before 10:30 a.m.

Laura Scott and Priscilla Baca live nearby.  After watching heavily armed police approach the bank, the two woman activated the scanner apps on their cell phones to learn more about what was going on.

"It was crazy," Baca said. "They had big (assault) rifles and stuff... it was scary."

"We were concerned about hostages," Scott said.

7NEWS asked the FBI  if security codes were compromised, whether other branches were at risk and whether it was an inside job.

Spokesman Dave Joly replied via email that investigator don't know yet, but added they will find answers to those and many other questions.

"The FBI, Englewood PD and DPD are working a bank burglary at the Wells Fargo Bank at 5050 West Federal Blvd. The investigation is in the early stages. As info becomes available or suspect info is obtained, a press release will be issued, Joly said in an email.

Wells Fargo spokeswoman Kristie Drum said, "Any information at this point needs to come from law enforcement. It’s a pretty active situation right now and law enforcement is the best resource."

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