Planned Parenthood clinic reopens Monday with 'robust security' 2 months after deadly shooting

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The Planned Parenthood clinic where three people were killed in November will reopen Monday even though repairs aren't finished yet.

It has been more than two months since a gunman killed a police officer and two civilians at the clinic in Colorado Springs.

The Colorado Springs clinic will offer a full range of sexual and reproductive health services when it opens its doors Feb. 15.

However, only part of the building will be open while construction work  continues in other areas.

The number of patients the clinic can treat will be limited for a few months but the president of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, Vicki Cowart, said the organization wanted to follow through on its promise to reopen as soon as possible. She also said there would be "robust security."

Robert Dear has acknowledged attacking the clinic on Nov. 27 because abortions are performed there.

Dear is accused of killing University of Colorado-Colorado Springs officer Garrett Swasey and two other people at the clinic.

One of the civilian victims was identified as Jennifer Markovsky, 36. Family members said Markovsky had accompanied a friend to the clinic.

The other victim was identified as Ke'Arre Stewart, an Army veteran who served in Iraq and the father of two children.

Nine other people were hospitalized after the attack, including five officers.

All 15 clinic employees survived.

Authorities took Dear into custody about five hours after the attack started.

Dear told authorities "no more baby parts" after being arrested, according to a law enforcement official.

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