Pit bull owners plead guilty in attack that killed Englewood dachshund

Pit bull snatched dachshund from owner's lap

ENGLEWOOD. Colo. - The owners of a pit bull that got loose and killed a dachshund riding on a women's motorized scooter have pleaded guilty to having a dog at large and dangerous behavior.

Eileen Trujillo, 63, told 7NEWS that she and her husband, Johnny, were taking their 10-year-old dachshund, Sebastian, for a walk on a leash May 16 when they decided to enter a 7-Eleven store nearby to get the dog a treat. 

"It was his favorite thing to do," said Trujillo. "He would walk for a couple of blocks and then get tired and ride on the scooter by my legs."

While they were in the convenience store, Trujillo said the clerk was complaining that a pit bull was wandering around outside the 7-Eleven and that calls to Animal Control proved fruitless as the agency claimed no one could pick up the dog until Monday.

Trujillo said Sebastian climbed up onto the floor board of her scooter as she exited the store and that's when the pit bull raced up and pulled the dachshund off and attacked it.

"He had him by the throat and was shaking him," said Johnny Trujillo. "A bunch of us were hitting and kicking him, but we couldn't get him to stop."

Sebastian died.

The pit bull did not have a collar or tags on, officers said. 

The owner of the pit bull, Cara Stan, told officers her dog had escaped and it was not aggressive towards people, only other dogs.

After Stan proved the dog had up-to-date vaccinations and after the dog served a 10-day bite quarantined, the dog was released.

Last week, the pit bull owners pleaded guilty and agreed to continue with specialized dog training, pay any restitution ordered by the courts, and to leash and muzzle their dog anytime the dog is on a public sidewalk or street. Stan was the only owner of the pit bull whose name was made public.

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