Peyton Sanchez, an Alamosa boy battling neurofibromatosis, gets his wish - a trip to CMA Awards

9 year old dances, sings to music in Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Peyton Sanchez, a 9 year old from Alamosa, walked down Broadway in Nashville with his walking stick, using his ears to guide him. He was listening for music.

That wasn't hard, considering he was in the country music capitol of the world. He stood on the sidewalk as bands played inside the many bars and restaurants along the main drag. He danced and sang along. He was doing what he loved.

Young Peyton was challenged early in life.

At just 6 months old, he was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that causes tumors to form on nerve tissue. He began going blind at 3 years old, and just this past summer doctors found a tumor on his brain stem.

He spent most of the summer in the hospital. Things weren't looking good.

"There wasn't anything that could be done in Denver," said Peyton's mother, Sheila Sanchez. "Our doctors said there's nothing else we can do for Peyton. Enjoy the time you have with him"

The Sanchez family didn't give up. Through the help of Denver doctors and the community back in Alamosa, Peyton was able to take part in a clinical study in Texas. He goes there once a month for steroids and chemotherapy.

"We knew we needed this to work because this was it," Sheila said.

Since Peyton's tumor wasn't growing and he was feeling good, he was able to make the trip to Nashville for Country Music Association Awards this week. His wish came true -- literally.

Peyton is a Make- A-Wish Foundation kid and his dream was to fly to Nashville for the awards.

Overland High School in Aurora sponsored Peyton and the Make-A-Wish Foundation made sure he and his family made it to Tennessee.

"Our family is really grateful," said Peyton's dad, Charlie Sanchez. "This gives us a real breather."

Charlie's sister works for Cherry Creek Schools and that's how Peyton got connected with Overland High.

"It's amazing what the school did for us even though we live four hours away in Alamosa," Charlie said.

The wish was played out and a boy with one incredible heart made the absolute most of it.

"Thank you," said Peyton with a smile. "This is a really great time for my family."


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