Peyton Manning t-shirts handed out at high school game in Greeley

NFL players send t-shirts after recent controversy

GREELEY, Colo. - Northridge High School’s football team took the field Saturday night in Greeley, but the talk was not only about the game.

Fans who attended the game were hoping to get their hands on t-shirts sent to the school by the NFL Players Association. Five cases of them were sent to the school in the wake of controversy at another school in the area.

Third grader Konner Vanatta was told he could not wear his number 18 Peyton Manning jersey because it violated school district dress code. Clothing with the number 18 on it is not allowed because the number is often affiliated with a gang.

Konner and his mother were among those in attendance at the game.

"I'm still pretty upset at the district. I think they are being very unfair about the whole thing,” said Pam Vanatta.

The shirts sent to the high school work around the dress code policy by simply reading "Peyton Knows” near a Denver Broncos logo.

Northridge cheerleaders gave out the shirts during halftime. Parents said they think the shirts are perfect because they will allow students to show their Broncos pride, but at the same time allow them to adhere to school policy.

“It is pretty comical that the NFL stepped in and did something about it,” said Parent John Paxton. "I do understand the philosophy of the policy and why we do it. Most of the kids understand it, and they get it.”

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