Pena Boulevard cloud sculpture, Cloudscape, moving to Children's Museum of Denver

DENVER - Three "clouds" on Pena Boulevard are moving to the Children's Museum of Denver.

The "Cloudscape" artwork was installed next to southbound Pena in 2010.

At the time, officials said the sculptures would likely stay a year or so. They stayed for four years.

"This artwork is lovely and people will think it's wonderful. It's a work of art that we'll love for about a year and we'll see what happens next with that site. Maybe a new piece of art can go there," said Matt Chasansky, DIA’s Public Art Administrator, in 2010.

The three sculptures, ranging in size from 15 to 40 feet, are "comprised of clouds perched atop steel towers reminiscent of the oil well towers, water pump, and utility towers scattered across Colorado," officials said.

The artwork was made by former Colorado resident artist Christopher Lavery. Lavery said he took his inspiration for the sculpture from Colorado’'s vivid sky and sunsets.

"They catch the sun and translate light through them," said Chasansky. "It's a piece about the plains and the ingenuity and the vision of the plains that you get from what people have constructed. The approach on Pena looks like the entrance to the great west and the opening of the plains and a symbol that is the greeting as people enter the airport."

The three sculptures have been disassembled and moved to local fabrication studio JunoWorks for refurbishing. The sculptures will move to the Children's Museum in 2015. Officials said the clouds will be placed so they can be seen by drivers on Interstate 25.

"Cloudscape will be the perfect addition to our soon to be 9-acre campus and expanded Museum, opening late 2015," said Mike Yankovich, president and CEO of the Children’s Museum of Denver. "It will be a public art piece that the children of Colorado can call their own."

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