Sheridan police SUV swallowed by sinkhole on Oxford near Santa Fe Drive; Sgt. had to rescue himself

SHERIDAN, Colo. - The road gave way and a police officer's SUV fell into a major sinkhole on Oxford Avenue early Friday morning, according to the Sheridan Police Department.

"I realize I'm in a sinkhole. All I see is dirt around me," Sgt. Greg Miller told 7NEWS about falling into the hole.

Miller was driving in the intersection of Oxford Avenue, River Point Parkway and Natches Court, at the River Point Shopping Center, around 2:18 a.m. when the road gave way.

Miller said after he fell through there was dust, there was dirt and he could hear water around him.

"When it happened and I realized I was in the hole, I just basically had to crawl through the window," Miller said. "Grabbed a hold of the rail on the top of the roof, then pulled myself on top of the roof. Then I jumped up and grabbed on the top of the pavement and pulled myself out."

Miller had to flag down help because his radios were damaged, police said.

He was taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated and released for cuts and bruises.

Oxford is closed from Santa Fe Drive to Clay Street.

Police said the SUV had been sinking deeper into the hole before an excavator was used to lift the SUV out of the sinkhole.

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