Owl family makes its home at Lowe's in Castle Rock

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. - Shoppers at the Lowe's in Castle Rock have noticed something unexpected in the garden area -- a family of owls.

7NEWS viewer Sue Seiler said she spotted the owl family living in the rafters.

"When we were there this morning, the babies were all grown up," Seiler said.

Lowe's employee Patty Marsilio said the owls arrived in March and built a huge nest on a very top pallet.

Marsilio said there are three babies, but they've grown up fast.

"Now the babies are as big as Mom and Dad and are learning how to fly," Marsilio said. "Everybody comes in just to see them, it's like a little show."

Marsilio said even with all the people that come through on the weekends, the owls have never bothered anyone.

"It's been very neat to watch them grow," Marsilio said.

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