Osweiler run out of town as Broncos realize they got the better deal with Siemian

Posted at 5:35 PM, Oct 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-25 21:07:09-04

DENVER -- The Broncos were Brockbusters.

They rode Brock Osweiler hard and put him away wet, and wasted, at the end of Monday evening.

Brock was humiliated, decimated, aggravated and exasperated by the end of the Broncos’ 27-9 victory at Mile High Stadium.

The Broncos had not ‘’killed’’ Brockweiler, as linebacker Brandon Marshall had facetiously suggested last week, but he was terminated.

Brock’s Texans did not score a touchdown, but led his team to three measly field goals.

Brock threw 41 times for 131 yards (at least 60 were in compost time) and finished with the second worst yards per attempt (3.285) for at least 40 passes thrown in the history of the NFL.

(The holder of the mark, Jesse Palmer, appears on KMGH on “”Good Morning America’’ daily.)

It is well to remember that months ago Osweiler ran out of Denver to join Houston for 72 million reasons.

He was run out of town on Monday night for one reason. He couldn't stand up to the Broncos' defensive prowess.

It also should be pointed out that even though Osweiler’s contract with the Texas is four years, $72 million, “”only’’ $37 million is guaranteed in the first two years ($21 mil this season).

So, the Texans probably already are contemplating L.A.O. (Life After Osweiler) in 2018 when they can get out from under the remaining $35 million.

”Sometimes the best deals are the ones you don’t make,’’ John Elway said many weeks ago in regard to Osweiler. The Broncos’ offer to the quarterback certainly wasn’t in the Texans’ territory, and they ended up with Trevor Siemian and his half-mil salary for this year.

Who got the best deal?

Aqib Talib, who doesn’t mince words except when it involves his off-field activities, said after that the game that Siemian is a better QB than Osweiler. 

Neither Osweiler or Siemian is Elway or Peyton Manning, but, then, the Broncos were very fortunate to have two of the five greatest quarterbacks ever in the league. Not many other franchises are so lucky. (Perhaps Pittsburgh with Terry Bradshaw and Ben Roethlisberger, San Francisco with Joe Montana and Steve Young, Dallas with Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman. Not the Chicago Bears, though, or the Houston Texans.)

Aqib, it must be presumed, shot himself in the leg.

Brock, it was witnessed Monday night, shot himself in both feet.

But, then, it was a setup game. The Broncos’ defense knew all about Osweiler after seeing him every day in practice. They knew he held onto the ball too long. They knew he didn’t know what to do when his first choice was covered. They knew he wasn’t a reader of defenses as Manning had been. They knew he could be pressured and stressed, and he would make mistakes. They knew he had never faced the Broncos' defense in a business situation.

And they obviously knew that even though he was smidgen over 6-foot-7, Osweiler throws like someone much shorter. He tends to drop his right arm into a three-quarter release point. As a result, his passes can be blocked. Twice in the fourth quarter defensive linemen pulled up, waited and blocked Osweiler’s passes.  After the last, Osweiler apologized to his receiver.

The Broncos knew.

You don’t think that a Wise Old Man, Wade Phillips, wouldn’t know all of Brock’s tendencies and predispositions. Of course he knew.

Brock never had a chance.

Didn’t he look at the 2016 schedule before he chose to sign with the Texans? Brock always was a nice guy from Montana, a good basketball player who decided on football, a strong-armed young man with natural athletic ability.  But he is not a gifted, experienced quarterback. He is, and would have been with the Broncos, an average NFL quarterback, but the Broncos have a defense  He probably will fail with the Texans, as all his predecessors in Houston have.  He plays fine at home, awful on the road.  Maybe he’s an indoor guy (re: basketball player).  Too bad the Texans can’t play all their road games in domed stadiums.  (Whoops! They were blown out in Minnesota).

Monday night was Thanksgiving dinner for the Broncos, and Brock was the roasted turkey. Preventing him from scoring even one touchdown pass was the gravy.

Now, we can all move on.

Philip Rivers is next, and he’s not a gobble goober.

The Broncos also have Tom Brady coming to Colorado, and Derek Carr, and, uh, Alex “”Game Manager’’ Smith. There's enough to worry about.

Ichabod Crane has left the building. Brock has come and gone.

In another blockbuster performance by the Broncos’ defense, Brock was busted badly.


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