Opponents of proposed personhood amendment launch campaign with rally at state Capitol

DENVER - Opponents of the latest version of a proposed personhood amendment for Colorado launched their campaign Tuesday.

Leaders of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains and NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado rallied at the state Capitol.

The proposal, Amendment 67, would add fetuses to those protected by the state's criminal and wrongful death act.

Supporters say state law doesn't adequately punish crimes against pregnant women.

The measure is different from two previous failed attempts to add personhood amendments to the state constitution.

Abortion-rights advocates say the ballot measure under consideration this year still goes too far. They say the criminal code could curb abortion rights and some infertility treatments.

A bill that would have allowed prosecutors to charge someone for the death or injury of an unborn child was rejected by a committee at the state Capitol in 2013. Many lawmakers saw the bill as a roundabout way to pass a "personhood" law in Colorado.

Previous ballot proposals giving legal rights to fertilized human eggs were overwhelmingly rejected by voters in 2008 and 2010.

After the "Offenses against unborn children bill" was defeated, personhood supporters announced the launch of "The Brady Project."

The project called for an amendment to the state constitution that would alter the definition of child to include unborn human beings.

Personhood Colorado, the group behind the initiative, turned in over 140,000 signatures - enough to get Amendment 67 on the ballot in 2014.

The group says the bill would protect both babies and their parents.

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